Monday, January 22, 2018

Classic Shabby Chic

                                                                       Sale Pending
                                                      Headed To Schofield Thanks Lori
                                               We'll Bring It Along To The Wausau Show
                                                         And Deliver It to Your Home
                                                            You're Going To Love It
                                                      Working On A Surprise For You


Saturday, January 13, 2018

Frances Hutt Rosenau

                                                       Dear Friend~You Will Be Missed
                                                            June 4, 1956-Jan 1, 2018

Sunday, January 7, 2018

More Cool stuff for The Wausau Show

                                                     Awesome Boxes!!!
I Love The Scale!!!
                                            I Can See Theses Boxes Stacked...
                       Heads Up!! I Have Very Few Boxes! Shop My Booth Early..

Friday, January 5, 2018

Awsome Sideboard For The Wausau Show

                                              Paris Apartment Style Dresser
                               Hand Painted~Light Wash With Paris Stencil 
                                                          Super Cool
                          Shabby Chic Hand Painted Farmhouse Sideboard
                            Super Condition And Very Ornate                                                                                   Great Selection Of Farmhouse Décor
                                           I'll Be Liquidating All My
                                           Farmhouse & Barn Yard Finds
                                         Don't Forget To Save The Dates
                                            More to Be Posted

Wausau Show Can't Get Here Fast Enough For Me!!!!

                                     All I Have To Do Is Load My Trailer
                       Sorry I Couldn't Get The Date To Change On My Camera
                 Sorry To Say I'll Only Have One Pair Of Farm House Window Mirrors
                             Good ?News Is I Have Some 30 Windows In Storage
                          I'll Have A Mix Of Shabby Chic & Vintage Farm House
                                  Check Back Next Week For More Posts

                               Wausau Show Dates Feb 10th  9-5 Feb 11th 10-4
                       DC Everest Sr. High School  Greenheck Field House Wausau

Saturday, December 30, 2017

No More Chairs!!!

                                                           I Say That All The Time...
                                                        I Really Don't Enjoy Chairs...
                                     I Painted Them White~Then Gave Them A Gray Wash
                                          Then I Dry Brushed The Whole Chair With White
                                      I'll Recover The Seat In A Cool Gray & White Fabric

                                             I Also Did A White Buffet With Gray Legs
                                            Super Cute!! There Headed To The Feb 2018
                                                        Antique Show In Wausau
Here's The White Buffet With Gray Legs I Was Talking About
I Have Some Killer Mirrored Windows To Display On Top
Then I'll Add Some Silver Décor Items
This Should Be Super Cute
  I'll Add Some Coral Lamps For Color
 Great French Colors~Soft White~Gary~Coral~And Silver 
I Can See Four Of These Window Mirrors I Did
  Hanging Over The Buffet~They Have Great Farm House Flavor  
 Sorry To Say I Will Only Have Two At The Feb Show
But I Do Have Like 30 In Storage 
                            Will Have To Wait For Warm Weather To Do Anymore Windows

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Only 7 Weeks Till Set Up For The Wausau Show..Feb 10th & 11th

                                           I Know..It Sounds Like A Long Time..But It's Not..
                                      So Much To Do..Things To Paint..And A Trailer To Pack..
                                                  With Farm House Style Still "Red Hot"
                                            I'll Be Adding Stuff From My Own Collection..
                                                     Cool Mirrored Windows..They Sell Fast..
                                      I Didn't Get Many Done Before The Weather Got Cold..
                               I'll Only Have One Pair Of Farm House Style Windows Available..
                                          But I Have Some 30 To Do..So No Shortage On Them..
                                                         I'll Have Many At The May..
                                                Vintage Market Event 2018 Held In Antigo..