Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Vintage Market & Design Event 2018

                             The Heinzen Pavillion Antigo, Wis  Click On Picture To Enlarge.

                                               Our Vendors
                                   The Whirling Dervish Folk Art
                                          1st. Pick Antiques & Vintage
                                                The Crooked Queen
                                                Little Wolf Antiques
                                                Not Too Shabby
                                               Woodland Princess
                                                Pleasant Hill Antiques
                                                     Dust & Rust
                                                Chickaree Lake Antiques
                                                    hikchik's hick chic
                                       Sweets & Treats By Paula  (Sat. Only)
                                   I Will Post Pictures Of The Booths On May 9th & 10th..
                                    That Will Be The Set Up Dates..   Check Back Then..

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Vintage Market & Design Event 2018 Dates & Times May 11th 4:00pm To 8:00pm May 12th 8:00am To 4:00pm Heinzen Pavillion 6th Ave Antigo, Wi..

                                            I'll Be Adding Post As I Get Seller Information..
                                  For More Infor. 715-484-2006 Email hikchik@frontier,com

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Estate Sale May 4th & 5th 9am-5pm May 6th 9:00am to 1:00pm Elton, Wis Contents Of the Sale Have Been In Storage for 15 Years..So Far I Like What Little I've Seen..

                                I Will  Set Up On Monday And Post Pictures As I Go..
                                    I Hope To Have All Pictures Posted By May 3, 2018
                                 Email Me And I'll Add Your Name To The Sign In Sheet!!
                     Take A Minute To Sign Up And Follow By Email You'll Never Miss Out!
                 Then Watch Your Email For Conformation Answer the Questions And
                             Your Done. See You At The Sale & Watch For Pictures...

Saturday, March 10, 2018

hikchik At DePere..

                                                                 Thanks For looking...

Friday, March 9, 2018


                                                Stopped In At Schroeder's Gift's Yesterday...
                                        Had To Have This Stunning "Burnout Lace" Blouse..
                                    Happy B-Day To Me...Well In Three Weeks It Will Be..
                                                                    LOVE The Back...
                                                       What To Wear With It???
                                           The Black Beaded Would Be Great For Evening...
                              While The Shabby Chic Print Will Work Great For Day Wear..
                                  Both Pair Of Shoes Came From DVS Clearance $5.00 Each..
                                                Check Out The Lace Work On The Back..
                                         The Black Leggings I Have...Super Cute Together..
                              What I Like About Schroeder's Is There Were Only 4 Available..
                                               That's It Four Of Them..Buy It Now....
                        Price?? $60.00 With My $15.00 Birthday Credit & $15.00 In Points..
                              Husband John Jumped On The Idea His Shopping Was Over..
                                         Not So Fast John....There Spring Shipment Is In..
                                           Thank You Honey  xxoxooooxxooxoxoooxxo

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Classic Shabby Chic

                                                                    Moving Forward
                                  You'll Find This Beauty At The Vintage Market Event 2018
                                                  SORRY No Pre Sales~~~For This Event!

                                                     What's Next??? Two Buffets

Thursday, March 1, 2018

With My Trailer Packed For The De Pere Show In A Few Weeks I'm Moving Forward Painting Furniture For My May Event..

                                                                    Float It
                                       I Always Paint The Back Of The Furniture I Do..
                                                 I Like To Float Things In A Room..
                                            This Gives Me Another Space To Work With..
                                                    The Painted Back Acts As A Wall..
                                         When Staging~I'll Add A Print To This Vignette
                                                          Now I Need A Chair..