Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flea Market Bag

                                                   The Winner Of The Flea Market Bag Is!!
                                                            Lexi Peterson Wausau, Wi
                                                     Thanks To Everyone Who Entered
                                                       Hope You Enjoy Your Bag Lexi

"His For Her"

                                         I've Been Playing With This..Just Not Sure..
                                      I Wanted A Man's Shirt But Trimmed Out For Her
                                        Maybe Add..Lace-Cool Buttoms-Fancy Trim-
                                          Nothing New It's Just Something I Never Wore
                                       Only One Thing To Do!!! I'll Have Try It Out!!
                                               Not Wild About The Pin In The Back
                                               Maybe I'll Tie It In The Back With A Tie

                                       What A Cool Way To Remember That Special Guy!!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Tansy Hill Barn Event

                                                 What A Wonderful Event!!!
                                             Thank You To Becky & Family
                                              Thank You To All Our Buyers!!!
                                                  We Had A 90% Sell Out!!
                          Just Cleaned My Trailer Out After Tansy Hill Farm Event!!!
                                This Is All I Had That Didn't SELL!! Plus 4 Pillows!!
                                        That's Great!A HUGE Thank You To All
                                         Good Thing I'm Going On A Road Trip!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Check Out My Booth At Tansy Hill Farm Barn Bazaar

                                                   Set Up & Ready For The Morning!!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Enter To Win!!!!

                                             This Super Cute Burlap Flea Market Bag
                                      How Do You Enter?? Just Sent An Email To Me At
                               (Sorry You Have To Hand Enter The Above Email Address)
                                                     Include Your Name & Address
                                                 Winner Will To Posted Memorial Day
                                 You Can See How Large It Is~Also Is Lined~Easy To Carry

                                    Yes I'll Ship Your Bag To You!! But Only In The USA
                         Thanks For All The Great Emails & A Record Number Of Hits Last Week
                                          A HUGE!!! Thank You To Who Support Me!!
                                     I'm So Lucky To Still Be Following My Dream At 65
                                          Get Up Off Your Butt!! And Do What You Love..
                                   There Are No Limits " If You Can Think It You Can Do It"
                                         It's Not Going To Just Happen!! Make It Happen!

Tansy Hill Farm Barn Bazaar See You There!!

                                             You'll Find It All At Tansy Hill Farm Bazaar
                                                       In My Booth hikchik's hick chic
                                                        May 20th 9:00am - 4:00pm
                                                     E5851 Sunrise Rd Wausau, Wi
                                                      FB Them At Tansy Hill Farm
                                                     I Love It All!!!! I Want To Keep It!!
                                                       Very Sweet Dresser Soft Gray
                                         Are You Going To Tansy Hill Farm Barn Bazaaz??

                                                                Paris Paris Paris
                                                         Super Cute Pillows Added!!
                                                                      Cute Server
                                           I Think I'm Ready For Tansy Hill Barn Bazaar
                                                       My Cargo Trailer Is Loaded
                                                            Note: No Early Sales!!
                                                          More Posts-Keep Going

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tansy Hill Farm Barn Event

                                               Well I'm Packed & Loaded!!! Now We Wait!!
                                                    Don't Forget We Will Be Set Up In A Barn
                                                             Chippy & White

                                                   Very Cool Wooden Farm Boxes
                                                                   Rusty Gate
                                        I Love This Garden Stand & Great Vintage Planters